Mr. Tunde Fagbemi is the CEO of Springfountain, one of Nigeria’s leading aviation infrastructure firms. With almost 30 years in the aviation industry, Tunde has worked with many companies in their entire aviation value chain to bring the highest international standard to Nigeria.

In June 2017, Springfountain and Boeing went into a contract with Boeing to invest $20billion USD over the next 20 years with no fewer than 200 new 777 aircraft expected for delivery in Nigeria.

The partnership through its subsidiary company, African Aircraft Leasing Company would also cover aircraft leasing, maintenance, repair and overhaul, spares logistics and supply, as well as aggregated services solutions. The absence of such facilities and services in Africa were some of the major challenges faced by the Nigerian airlines and the aviation sector.

Tunde has also spent many years in the mining industry, working with both mining companies and governmental agencies to improve the mining standards in Nigeria. In November 2018, Springfountain and Bullion Mart of Canada signed an MoU to invest in mining in Nigeria. This occurred during NCIS 2018.

In May 2019, Mr. Tunde Fagbemi accepted the appointment as a member of the Board of NCTIG.