The Nigeria-Canada Investment Summit is the flagship event of NCTIG. This event brings together world business leaders, top diplomats, senior government officials, development partners, and international trade and investment practitioners from around the world.

The stakeholders will be from both Nigeria and Canada in identified sectors The summit will explore targeted investment opportunities, and strategic business solutions to further the business ventures between Nigeria and Canada.

In addition, strategic business to business meetings, investment master class seminars, and exhibitions will be the cornerstone of the Summit.


Gain industry knowledge on Nigeria and Canada’s investment promotion strategies/opportunities from key FDI, business and government leaders.

Learn from the investors on their criteria for doing business by attending one of the investment master class seminars.

Secure funding for your company by pitching your project to interested investors, and gain competitive edge from industry experts through their business network.

Strategically position your organization/company to promote pending projects and investment opportunities to a targeted audience in the key industry sectors through a 2-day exhibition to ensure maximum exposure.

Connect one-on-one with hundreds of attendees, industry leaders and investors in the business-to-business meetings from Nigeria, Canada and around the world.

Sponsor the Summit to have your senior executive(s) participate in panel speaking opportunities and gain direct access to key decision makers, government leaders and investors.