Dipo Adesanya

Position: CEO
Oladipupo Adesanya:
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Dipo Adesanya is a creative youth, self-taught string artist and an architect. As a child, Oladipupo always had an eye for art. His early works consists of various styles and techniques ranging from “pointilism” to “paper mache” to “technical drawing”.

After graduating as the third best graduating student in technical drawing, it was a no-brainer that he went on to obtain his BSc and MSc degree in Architecture at Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, before he turned 21.

In his University days,  he came across string art on Pinterest and that was truly the beginning of something great. After a few years of practicing architecture, he felt unchallenged and decided to take up the string art he had taught himself earlier. His first attempt wowed many, as they had never seen such art form, but unknown to all, he had converted his old technical drawing board from high school into his canvas.

Currently, Dipo is a freelance architect and a professional string artist with many erected buildings and several artworks to his name. His quest for more knowledge goes on and his story is far from ove