We regrettably inform you that the NCIS 2020 event planned for November 10 – 12, 2020 is postponed until further notice.

The timing for this event is not appropriate in the context of the present situation in Nigeria. Our flagship event will be re-scheduled after consulting with the representatives of our two strategic partners, Nigeria’s High Commissioner to Canada and Canada’s Acting High Commissioner to Nigeria. Many thanks for your understanding and support for NCIS 2020.

NCTIG hosted Mayor Patrick Brown from the City of Brampton who will be visiting Nigeria on a Trade & Cultural Mission. He was Nigeria from February 10-13, 2020. Visit HERE for more details.

NCTIG Team will support the Nigerian delegation attending the PDAC Convention in Toronto from March 1-4, 2020. The team will be showcasing Nigeria as a destination for Mining opportunities. Visit HERE for more details.